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Sights to See

Suru Valley

A 90 km drive to Parkachik through Sankoo, Panikhar and stretches of the country side takes the tourist to the foot of the Nun and Kun peaks. The trip from Kargil is easily done by taxi or local bus service operates on this route, returning the next day.


42 km from Kargil is the picturesque bowl shaped valley of Sankoo.

Kartse Kar
Kartse Kar is an ancient village with 7m tall rock carved statue of Maitriya Buddha. All this is an evidence of the presence of Buddhist Community in the pat.

Panikhar (67 km from Kargil)
This is the chief village of Suru Valley. It is a base for trekking across the main Himalayan range to the hill resorts of Pehalgam and Kishtwar.

Rangdum (130 km from Kargil)
At an altitude of 3657 meters is Rangdum, a Buddhist settlement with an 18th century monastery.

Padam, Zanskar Valley
240 km from Kargil, it is approached through the only motorable road from Kargil passing through the picturesque Suru Valley and Panzila Pass (14400 ft.). The road remains motorable from 1st week of July till end November only. Padam is administrative headquarter of the region. Padam has number of economy hotels besides Tourism Bungalow of J & K Tourism. Beyond the basic amenities, no tourist amenities available here.

Through the Suru Valley over Pensi La is Zanskar Valley. Zanskar is a rich experience for the trekker who arrives with full provisions. River rafting is possible from Serchu to Nyimu via Padam. The famous monasteries here are Karsha, Stongde, Burdan, Zongkhul, Phuktal and Sunni Palace. Jeeps are available for the sight-seeing of nearby monasteries.

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