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Mulbekh (32 km)
40 km from Kargil on the Leh-Kargil road is Mulbek famous for its 9 metre high rock carvings. There is a monastery perched atop a hillock. You can find Tourist Bungalow of J&K Tourism here. 5 km short of Mulbek is the cave Monastery of Shergole tucked away in a conglomerate formation and further inside the side valley of Fokar is the famous hermitage of Urgian Zong.

Drass (60 km)
Drass is around 60 Km to the west of Kargil on the road to Srinagar. The Drass valleys starts from the base of the Zojila pass, the Himalayan gateway to Ladakh. Drass is a convenient base for a long trek to Suru valley, Amarnath Caves and numerous other short treks.

Drass is the second coldest inhabited place in the world where the temperature goes as low as –50 in the winter. All tourists travelling from Srinagar to Ladakh by road are required to register themselves at the Tourist Registration Centre at Drass: - Tourist Reception Centre, J&KTDC, Kargil Tel: (01985) 252228 / 252266.

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