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Sights to See

Pineview Nursery
One of the highlights of a visit to Kalimpong is Pine View Nursery home to thousands of cactus plants belonging to more than a hundred of variety collected from North, South and Central America. The Nursery won many Indian as well as International accolades.

Dr.Graham's Homes
One of the major landmarks of Kalimpong, this school was built in 1900 by Dr JA Graham, a Scottish missionary. Situated on Deolo Hill overlooking the Kalimpong town Dr.Graham's Homes is spread over an area of 500 acres with the School as its hub. A small museum gives you the information about JA Graham and his wife Katherine.

Durpin Dara
When views, few compares to the view atop the observatory point Durpin Dara, the highest point in Kalimpong. Located 3 km from the town, the place is easily accessible by car. A view of the Himalayan ranges and plains along with River Teesta from here is the ostensible reason why Kalimpong a magnet for the visitors.

Mangal Dham
Located in a wonderful landscape, Mangal Dham Temple was built in 1993 by the Hindu sect Shri Krishna Pranami, in memory of late Guruji Shri Mangaldasji, who's enshrined below the prayer hall. The shrine is visited by large number of people.

Gauripur House
Situated about 2 kms from Kalimpong town on the way to Durpin Hill, Gauripur House is famous for being the summer retreat of poet Rabindranath Tagore. The Nobel laurate liked this hill due to its serene beauty and the extraordinary calmness and was a place for his literary works including Janmadin”, Jarathikali”, “Jaksha” , “Maya”, “Namkaran”, “Jalil Sansar” and “Apaghat” .

Kalimpong Market
No visit to Kalimpong is complete without visiting the Kalimpong Market that is crowded and lively being loaded with wide variety shopping. There are two famous Kalimpong markets, one on the Main Road, the other near the 10th mile.

A major pilgrimage place in Kalimpong is the Kalibari temple. Located about 2km from town the temple houses a huge idol of Goddess Kali and is thronged by devotees in large numbers throughout the year.

7th Mile View Point

The place is located 3km from the town on the way to Teesta bazaar. A picturesque view of Teesta Rangeet Valley awaits those visiting this spot.

Thongsha Gumpa
Built in 1630 Thongsha Gumpa is the oldest monastery in this region. This monastery of Bhutanese origin is situated at the 10th mile 1km from Kalimpong town.

Tharpa Choling Monastery
Located in Tirpai Hill it was built around 1937 and belongs to Gelukpa Sect.

Zong Dong Palri Fo-Brang Monastery
This is a fairly new monastery located in Durpin Dara. One can get a panoramic view of the town and surrounding from this monastery.

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