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Siddpura (16 km )
Siddapura a small town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Siddapura lies in Western Ghats, commanding breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges.

This was the first capital of Keladi Nayakas. The place is 6kmto the north of Sagar taluka. At almost the northern end of the village, there is a large courtyard, which is enclosed, in modern tiled verandah. In the middle of the courtyard stand 3 temples Rameshvara temple, which is in the centre, Veerbhadreshvara temple, which is to the right, and the Parvati temple, which is to the left. The Rameshvara & Veerbhadreshvara temples are a mixed pattern of Hoysala & southern or Dravidian style. The Parvati temple is a small building, which has old back portion built of stone and the front modern portion built of brick. There is also a well-maintained Keladi Museum, which has a collection of copper inscriptions, palm leaves and coins from Nayaka's period.

8km from Sagar, a small village known for its Non-Government Drama training institute called NEENASAM initiated by K.V.Subanna. The institute is well equipped with an indoor auditorium known as 'Dr. Shivarama Karantha Rangamandira'. Regular workshops and training sessions, finds the place populated by renowned artists from all over the country.

About 25kmfrom Sagar town on the way to jog falls, a adventure place by name Honnemaradu welcomes the adventure loving people. The place is situated on the backwaters of Sharavathi River. The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. You can enjoy Kayaking, wind water surfing and all other water sports. On payment of small amount you get accommodation, food and water sport equipments. One important point to be noted before visiting this place is not to carry any alcohol, gutka, and non-vegetarian items. All this items are banned in this place.

Tyarekoppa Lion Safari
Lions, tigers and other wild life animals roam around in the deep forests freely. The lion-tiger safari started way back in 1988 is an ideal picnic spot. The safari is spread around an area of 200 Hectares of dense forest. You can witness to the grace, diversity, colour and marvel of nature and catch enlivening glimpses of Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Bear, Deer, and rare migratory birds as they amble around in luxuriant habitat. Regular recreation and sightseeing outings are organized by the forest department for visitors.

Sirsi (30 km)
The leragest town in Uttara Kannada district, Sirsi is located in the sylvan surroundings. A popular hill retreat, it is famous for several waterfalls.

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