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Mandore Gardens (9 km): Mandore was the capital of Marwar before the foundation of Jodhpur. Today, its extensive gardens with high rock terraces make it a popular local attraction.

Balsamand Lake and Palace (7 km): Tel: 0291 2545991

Jhalamand (10 km): Accommodation: Hotel Jhalamand Garh (Heritage)

Kailana Lake Gardens (13 km): An artificial Lake

Guda Bishnoi (15 km): A community village of Bishnois who hold the killing of animals a crime.

Fort Chanwa, Luni (35 km): An imposing, well maintained fort, now converted into a Heritage Hotel. Accommodation: Fort Chanwa (Heritage), Tel: 02931 284216 (Luni). Telefax: 029) 2432460 (Jodhpur).

Rohet (40 km): The small fort here has now been converted into a Heritage hotel. Accommodation: Hotel Rohet Garh (Heritage), Tel: 02936 268231.

Dhawa (Doli) Wildlife Sanctuary (45 km): This has the largest head count of the Indian antelope.

Sardar Samand (60 km): The Sardar Samand Palace was originally a hunting lodge and offers breath-taking views of the Lake, which teems with migratory birds. Accommodation: Sardar Samand Lake Resort (Heritage), Tel: 02960 245001-03. Fax: 0291 2571240.

Osian (65 km): An ancient town in the Thar desert famous for sand dunes and a cluster of ruined Brahmanical and Jain temples. RTDC organises a tour to this place from Jodhpur. 

Pali (70 km): This was once an important trade centre in the late medieval times. Accommodation: Hotel Panihari (RTDC), Tel: 02932 284429.

Sathin (70 km): One of the many villages in the desert that has its own small fort - Sathin Garh.

Saila (74 km): Famous for a `Sabha Mandap' or congregation hall of a Shiva temple.

Khejarla (84 km): The sturdy fort here is simple, devoid of an ornate exterior and is now converted into a hotel. Accommodation: Fort Khejarla, Tel: 02930 258311.

Khimsar (90 km): The starting point of the Great Indian Desert. The Castle here was built in the mid-15th century and is now converted into a hotel. Accommodation: Royal Castle (Heritage), Tel: 01585 262345-49, 0141 2229700/704, 2382314, 2384915, Fax: 01585 262228, 0141 2229705. E-mail:

Sodawas (90 km): Accommodation: Karni Kot - Sodawas (Heritage), Tel: c/o 0291 2639380/ 2512101.

Bhadrajun (97 km): There are a number of religious fairs held here annually, which offer an insight into the rural lifestyle. Accommodation: Royal Rajwada (Heritage)

Nimaj (100 km): A small historic town with a Fort, temples and craftsmen who still practice their trade. Accommodation: Nimaj Palace (Heritage), Tel: 02939 230022 

Narlai (125 km): Famous for a 17th century fortress. Accommodation: Rawla Narlai (Heritage) 

Bhaiswara (130 km):
Home to a tribal population with the Bhils constituting half of the total population. Accommodation: Ravla Bhaiswara,

Nagaur (135 km): Nagaur, with its massive ramparts, impressive gateways and impressive Forts is a fascinating town of the Rajputs. The cattle fair held here in January/February every year attracts buyers from all over the country.

Jalore (147 km): Jalore is a rich region, boasting of ancient monuments, cultural heritage and interesting traditions.

Daspan (240 km): A feudal outpost, truly off the beaten track. Accommodation: Castle Durjan Niwas (Heritage), Tel: 02969 235170.

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