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Sights to See

Ayurvedic University
Dedicated to providing the highest quality education, health care, and research in the field of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic University in Jamnagar is the most prestigious one in India. The University is home to the Ayurveda Research Centre.

Digjam Aquarium
Hundreds of visitors make it a point to visit Digjam Aquarium near the City Lake. The Aquarium has a comprehensive collection of different species of fish.

Kambhalia Gate

A beautifully sculptured archway, this gate is a famous attraction in Jamnagar

Kotha Bastion
An old arsenal built in the middle of the City Lake is a prime attraction of Jamnagar. It is home to a treasure trove of coins, sculptures, the skeleton of a whale and inscriptions copper plates.

Lakhota Palace Museum
Located on Ranmal Lake, the palace, once belonging to the Maharaja of Nawanagar, houses a small museum where you can find a fine collection of sculptures dating from the 9th to 18th centuries AD as well as Paleolithic and microlithic finds from the Narmada Valley, early Christian era pottery from Saurashtra, numismatic galleries, epigraphic gallery and paintings, particularly of the Victorian period.

Manekbhai Muktidham
This is a unique cremation ground where you will find a well laid out garden with a hundred statues of Indian saints, gods and goddesses.

City Lake/Lakhota Fort

A favourite with the picnickers, Ranmal Lake, is a dream destination for the people having taste for things aesthetics. Lakhota Fort, a magnificent structure in the middle of this lake, is a must visit destination for these people.

Rozi and Bedi Ports
These ports make great daytrip spots for seaside picnics or fishing. They are accessible by ferry from Nava Bandar, 3 km from Jamnagar.

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