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Fast Facts

Temperature :
Summer: 39.9 -23 C
Winter: 26.2-4.3 C

September to April

Clothing :
Summer- Cottons,
Winter- Heavy woollens

Languages spoken :
Hindi, English, Urdu and Dogri

STD Code:

Tourism Office :
J&KTDC, Tourist Reception Centre,
Veer Marg, Jammu
Tel: 2579554,
Telefax: 2549065.

J&K Tourist Counter,
Railway Station, Jammu,
Tel: 2530078;
Airport Tel: 2531917.

Tel: 232309;

Tourist Officer,
Tel: 232005 (Office).

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board,
Tel: 232075, 232089.

Yatra Registration Counter,
Tel: 232092.
Appropriately called the City of Temples because of the profusion of shrines dotting the landscape, Jammu is a travel destination on its own right. Studded with an incredibly beautiful landscape, this southernmost unit of the state of Jammu & Kashmir nestles in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Once seat of power of the Dogra Rajas, this winter capital of the state is the leaping off point for the magnificent religious and natural attractions that lure the tourists and devotees to the other parts of the region. In Jammu you can visit beautiful temples, palaces and relics of the past and enjoy the city’s peaceful atmosphere with delightfully stunning tourist sights.
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