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Amar Sagar (5 km): Summer palace, garden. Entry fee: Rs. 10. Jain temple: Timings: 8 am to 6 pm, Entry fee: Foreigners Rs. 30, Camera Fee: Rs. 70

Bada Bagh (6 km): Royal cenotaphs and garden. Entry fee: Foreigners Rs. 50 Indians Rs. 20

Ludruwa (16 km): The ancient capital of Jaisalmer and an important centre of Jain pilgrimage.

Baisakhi (16 km): A pilgrimage for Hindus, attracting a number of devotees on full moon Mondays of Baisakh every year for holy dip. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is originally of early Pratihar period and seems to have been restored in the 16th century

Wood Fossil Park, Aakal (17 km): The fossils in this park, 180 million years old, stand witness to the geological cataclysms that have taken place in the Thar Desert. Timings: 8 am to 6 pm. Entry fee: Rs. 20

Sam Sand Dunes (42 km): Camel safaris are conducted here to give tourists a feel of the desert. Accommodation: Hotel Sam Dhani Complex (RTDC), Tel: 02992 252392; D.D.S. Holidays, Tel: 02992 250052, Fax: 256036, Mobile: 94141450733

Desert National Park (45 km): An excellent example of the eco-system of the Thar Desert and its diverse fauna. The variety of wildlife here includes the black buck, the great Indian bustard, chinkara, desert fox, etc. No permission required. Entry fee charged by the Deputy Director, Desert National Park, Tel: 02992 252489

Pokaran (110 km): Pokaran town lies in the heart of the Thar Desert. The Pokaran Fort was the citadel of the Champawat Rathores, mighty Rajput nobles of Marwar. The fort is now converted into a heritage hotel. Accommodation: Motel Govadan (RTDC), Tel: 02994 222275; Fort Pokaran, Tel: 02994 222274. Fax: 22878

Barmer (153 km): A small and lively desert town, known for its hand block printing industry, carved wooden furniture and colourful costumes worn by its friendly people. The Barmer Festival is held every year in the month of March. Accommodation: Hotel Khartal (RTDC), Tel: 02982 222956.

Just 35 km from Barmer is a group of five temples in architectural style known as Kiradu. These temples feature some very fine sculpture; Someshwara Temple with a multi-tier spire is the most impressive.

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