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A village under Barkagaon in south west, contains a fort built in 1642 A.D. and four temples of Lord Shiva built in the 17th Century A.D.

A block head quarter having ruins of a temple near the spring of the village. There are 5 sculptured pieces of stone inside the Temple.

Urwan Tourist Complex
Offers adventure sports like boating, para sailing, rock climbing.

Ruins of hand axes are found dating back to the Paleolithic Age. Bargunda: Hoard of copper objects has been found in 1850.

Tilaiya Dam
This is one of the most popular excursions from Hazaribagh. One of the dams under control of the Damodar Valley Corporation, Tilaiya is dam is a major sightseeing attraction.

Hazaribagh Lake
Offers superb water sports and peaceful picnics and outings.

Khandhar is a small rock art site at about 3 km, along the side of the Satpahar range towards its western end. Perhaps the only Butterfly to be found in Indian rock can be seen here.

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