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Lansdowne (82 km)
Situated at an altitude of 1,706 m, Lansdowne was originally a popular hill station with the Britishers. Surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forests, it is a very charming place for a quiet holiday. The nearest railhead is at Kotdwar (37 km).

National Park (Chilla) (10 km)
Covering an area of 820.47 sq km, it has 23 species of mammals and 315 species of avifauna.

Mussoorie (89 km)
The queen of hills, Mussoorie, with its salubrious climate and deep woods is an idyllic hill station.

Dehradun (54 km)
Surrounded on the east by the River Ganga, on the west by the Yamuna, the Doon Valley is a picturesque region at the foothills of the panoramic Shivalik ranges. Dehradun serves as the gateway to the hill resort of Mussoorie and is the capital of the newly formed state of Uttaranchal. A large number of private hotels are available.

Assan Barrage (96 km)
A newly developed water sports resort situated near Dak Pather boasts of water skiing, jet boating, etc.

Kotdwar (45 km)
One of the rail terminals for the Garhwals and gateway to the hills.

Piram Kalier
(23 km)
Famous for the Dargah of Hazrat Makhdum Allaudin Ali Ahmad Sabir.

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