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Anegundi (15 km):
Just across Thungabhadra river is the fortress town of Anegundi, predating Vijayanagar Empire and the city’s 14th century headquarters. Anegundi lies in the mythical kingdom of Kishkinda, ruled by the monkey King Sugriva of Ramayana. Anjanadri Hill near Anegundi is believed to be the birth place of the monkey god Hanuman. Anegundi and its tranquil environs are dotted with forgotten temples and fortifications. The dilapidated Huchappa Matha Temple, near the river is worth a peek for its black stone lathe-turned pillars and fine panels of dancers. The other places of tourist interest are the sacred Pampa Sarovara, Aramena (a ruined palace) and Ranganatha Temple.

Chitradurga (150 km):
This hill fort has 14 temples, remains of a palace, a mosque built by Tipu Sultan and an Archaeological Museum. Accommodation (STD Code: 08194): Hotel Amogha International; Maruthi Inn Deluxe Lodge, M.H. Road; Maurya Deluxe Lodge, Santhe Bagilu Road, Tel: 224448, 225244, 229107; Pravasi Nilaya; Hotel Roopavani Paradise, Roopavani Road, Tel: 223450; Veda Comforts, NH 4, Tel: 227393; Hotel Vijay-Vashishta Deluxe Lodge. Chitradurga Inspection Bungalow.

Huligi (50 km):
A religious centre on the banks of Tungabhadra River.

Tungabhadra Dam (17 km):
The high masonry dam is about 590 metres long and 49 metres high. The reservoir has a storage capacity of 1, 32,559 million cubic feet of water spread over an area of 379 sq km. Accommodation: Hotel Mayura Vijayanagar (KSTDC), T.B. Dam, Tel: 259270

Hampi Festival is held from 3 to 5 November every year.

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