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Fast Facts

Summer: 46 -21 C
Winter: 22 -06 C

October to March

Clothing :
Summer- Cottons, Winter- Heavy woollens

Languages spoken:
Hindi, English

STD Code:

Tourism Centres:
C/o Hotel Tansen, 6,
Gandhi Road,
Tel: (0751) 2340370, 2342606, 4010666.

M.P. Tourist Office,
Railway Station, Gwalior,
Tel: 2340370,

Tourist Village, M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd.,
Near Bhadaiya Kund, Shivpuri.
Tel: (07492) 223760, 221297.

The Manager,
Betwa Cottages (MPSTDC),
Tel: (07680) 252618.

M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd. ,
Railway Station,
Jhansi. Tel: (0517) 2442622.

World Trade Centre,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Tel: 22187603, 32539000.
Telefax: 22160614,
Legend has it that Gwalior was founded in 8th century AD by a chieftain known as Suraj Sen or Surya Sen of Kachwaha Rajput clan who,when struck by a deadly disease, was curd by a hermit-saint Gwalipa. As a mark of respect to the saint, he built the city of Gwalior after the name of the saint.

Steeped in its past splendor it was ruled by several dynasties including the Pratiharas, Kachwahas and Tomars who have left imprints of their rule, in this city of outstanding palaces, sacred temples and glorious monuments. It is also the birthplace of great musician Tansen.
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