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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 29- 13 C
Winter: 09 – -14 C

Best Season :
May to September and November to February

Clothing :
Summer- light woollen clothing with rain-coat
Winter - Heavy woollen

Languages spoken :
Kashmiri, Hindi and English

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Assistant Director,
Tourism Department, Gulmarg
Mobile: +91 09419708180
Tel No: +91 01954 254487,254439

Welcome to Gulmarg the hill resort with magical meadows and mountains. Then natural beauty of Gulmarg has attracted tourists since long. In fact the hill resort of Gulmarg literally means "the meadow of flowers". The snow-clad peaks and the lovely landscapes of Gulmarg have provided background for several Bollywood ventures.

The slopes of Gulmarg make it Asia’s only heli-skiing resort. There are immense beauty and adventure activities that make Gulmarg much more than a cool hill resort. British discovered the hill resort of Gulmarg in 1927 during their colonial rule in India.
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