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Murudeshwara (85 km)
Located in an incredible landscape comprising of shimmering sea and green hills, Murudeshwara is a famous sacred place sandwiched between the picturesque Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. This scenic place allures visitors for its beach, an awesome Shiva statue, and a Shiva Temple embellished with Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures built in the Dravidian style of architecture. The temple located on a hillock, called Kanduka Giri, offers a magnificent view of the relentless sea waves crashing against the rocks.

Yana (57 km)
Located in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats, Yana is a quant village famous for natural wonders inn the form of two unique rock outcrops known as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and the Mohini Shikhara.

Idagunji (65 km)
A sacred place for the Hidus, Idagunji is famous for the Lord Ganesha temple attracting more than one million devotees every year.

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