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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 41.1 - 19.4C
Winter: 25.5 - 07C

Best Season :

Clothing :
Summer- Cotton,
Winter - Woollen

Languages spoken :
Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Tourist Information Centre
Prabhu Narayan Pandey
Nodal Officer Ph: 9431315207

Giridih, the headquarters of the district of the same name, is located in the lap of hills and hillocks. It is surrounded by a number of hills including the Parasnth Hills, sacred place for the Jainas, where 23 out of 24 Jain Tirthankaras attained Nirvana, the 'Salvation'.

A noted wild life sanctuary 'Parasnath' with its highest peak measures 1365 meters. This is the highest in Jharkhand. It also offers one of the best sites for trekking, hiking and wilderness camp. The stream flowing from its peak possesses medicinal value and is a heaven for the ecologists. The sanctuary houses a large number of fauna and flora including the rarest species of herbs at its bed.
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