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Rukmani Mandir (12 km):
Dedicated to Rukmani, wife of the Lord Krishna, the temple is 1600 year old.

Vasai (11 km):
For the history lovers, the place is a great draw and is identified with Kankavati, the seat of the Maitrak power in the 5th century AD. Vasai is home to a sun temple and other ancient ruins.

Nageshwar (13 km):
One of the prominent Jyotirlingas, the famous Naagnath (Shiva) Temple, also known as Nageshwar Mahadeo Temple, is located in the Dwarka forest.

Gopi Talav Teerth (23 km):
A place of religious importance it draws spiritual seekers. It is located near the island and further ahead lies Dwarikavan or forest of Dwarka.

Mithapur (22 km):
Mithapur is a model township of the Tata Chemical Factory. The factory here can be visited with the permission of the local management at Mithapur site.

Bet Dwarka (32 km):
The Shankhoddar Island known as Bet Dwarka or Dwarika isle or Ramandip, this island is supposed to be the place where Lord Krishna and his family lived. Dwarika isle is also believed to be the spot where Lord Vishnu slew the demon Shankasura. It is 5 km away by sea from Okha. There are regular ferry services from Okha Port to Bet Dwarka. The temple of Ranchhodrai stands on the island, as does the Matsyavatar Temple.

Okha (32 km):
It is an important port on the west coast.

Harshad Mata Temple (58 km):
The temple is situated at bottom of Koyla Hill. Harsidhi Matatji is also known as Ambica Mataji and Kalki Mataji. The local people call her Harshad Mata.

Pindhara (72 km):
There is an ancient Purvasa Ashram and a Sun Temple

Madhavpur (160 km):
Lord Krishna and Rukminiji married here. A large fair is held here in March-April. Dehotsarg, at Treveni Ghat, is believed to be the site of cremation of the mortal remains of Lord Krishna.

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