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Sights to See

Coal Mines
Visit Dhanbad and you will find many scenic and recreational opportunities awaiting you. One of the most unique attractions of this place is the presence of many coal mines. A visit to Sudamdih coal mine is on the top of priority list for a visitor. Sudamdih coal mine is the most popular coal heritage destination in the region. Under a tour to these coal mines you will have to get to suit up in a real coal miner's outfit and a miner's elevator will take you below ground. Visitors will have to take prior permission from Bharat Coking Coal Ltd to visit any of these coal mines.

Indian School of Mines (ISM)
Established in 1926. Indian School of Mines (ISM) is an institute of national repute. Apart from this, Dhanbad is home to some of the most famous institute of India including Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI) and Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR).

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