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Fast Facts

Temperature :
Summer: 47-25C
Winter: 22-12 C

Season :
September to May

Clothing :
Summer - Cotton/Tropical, Winter - Light Woolens

Languages spoken :
Hindi, Bengali, English and Santhali

STD Code :
An important railway division, Dhanbad is an industrial centre with an abundance of coal. The third largest city of Jharkhand, the place is aptly called the Coal Capital of India.
One of Dhanbad’s travel attractions is a visit to one of the several coal mines that are situated here.
The place is also known for some of the famous research institutes of the country including the Indian School of Mines. Travel to Dhanbad includes a trip to some of beautiful attractions that are used as excursions from the city. It's possible to visit Dhanbad as a long day trip from Kolkata.
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