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Kempty Falls (15 km):
It is the biggest and perhaps the prettiest of the waterfalls in Mussoorie’s vicinity.

Dhanaulti (25 km):
An ideal place for a quiet holiday, Dhanaulti, 2250 metres above sea level, is nestled amidst deodar and oak forests. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Dhanaulti, District Tehri. Tel: 0135 01396-226223

Surkhanda Devi (35 km)

Chamba (51 km):
On the Mussoorie-Tehri route, Chamba is a picturesque and a beautiful spot for a quiet holiday. Accom: Tourist Rest House, Chamba, Dist. Tehri, Tel: 0135 (01376) 255245,

Lakshman Sidh:
On the way to Dehradun from Haridwar and Rishikesh is a temple which is 12 km short of Dehradun, the road is motorable up to the temple. A large number of people throng this temple especially on Sundays.

Nag Tibba (57 km):
An interesting trekking destination, Nag Tibba is the highest peak around Mussoorie at a height of about 10,000 feet. Bus services are available from Mussoorie to Thatyur, 34 km and the rest of the distance has to be trekked. A Forest Rest House is available at Devalsari, 7 Km from Thatyur.

Shiv Mandir:
It is about 12 km from Dehradun on Mussoorie road.

Lakha Mandal (70 km):

The most important archaeological site in the district, it has remains of many ancient temples.

Chakrata (78 km):
It commands a grand view of the northern snow ranges.

Dak Pathar (80 km):
A recreation centre/tourist complex of GMVN is located here.

Tiger Falls (83 km):
It is a beautiful picnic spot in scenic surroundings.

Deovan (89 km):
It is an interesting excursion from Chakrata (11 km).The forests around Deovan harbour a large variety of wildlife, including some species of pheasants.

Yamuna Bridge (27 km):
A popular picnic spot, ideal for fishing. Fishing Permit must be obtained.

Lansdowne (180 km):

Situated at an altitude of 1706 mts on the Kotdwar-Pauri road, Lansdowne is well known for its salubrious climate and natural beauty. Places of Interest in Lansdowne include Karnva Ashram, Sidhbali temple, Charaik Hills, Jwaladevi and Tarkeshwar Mahadev. Accom: Tourist Rest House, (GMVN), Tel: 0135 01386-262509

Khirsu (200 km):
The snow clad mountain of Khirsu are a great attraction in the winter. It is 19 km from Pauri and 90 km from Lansdowne. Accom: Tourist Rest House, (GMVN) Khirsu, Tel: 0135 01346-228509 and Pauri Tel: 0135 01368-222359.

Jhanda Sahib:
Guru Ram Raiji who was a divine soul set up his 'Dera' or camp in Dehradun. In order to find a suitable location for his camp he decided to pitch a Jhanda (flag) tied to a javelin. The place where his javelin pierced the earth become the base camp of the guru and is known as Jhanda Sahib. Every year a fair known as Jhanda Mela is held here on the fifth day of Holi.

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