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Buddhism was prevalent in Boudh in between 9th to 12th centuries. A place with a rich cultural heritage, Boudh was the center of various religious movements of the past. The Buddhist shrine where Lord Buddha is seated in Padmasana still stands as testimony to the historic past. Temples of Matangeswari and Hanuman are the added attractions of the place.

Balaskumpa (110 km)

There is a Shakti temple dedicated to Barala Devi and has plenty to offer to the nature lover. It is a picnic spot.

37 km from Phulbani, the place has a pond where wild animals can be seen in considerable numbers during evenings.

Puruna Katak
40 km from Phulbani, this place is famous for the temple of goddess Vairavee.

Putudi (125 km
It is 15 km from Phulbani, a place of natural beauty having a charming waterfall on river Saluki falls from the height of 60 feet.

Pilasalunk i(115 km)
It is a dam project.

Chakapada (115 km
It is 60 km from Phulbani, renowned for the leaning Shiva Temple of Lord Birupaksha on the river Brutunga and Leaning Trees on the river towards South.

Dungi (95 km
It is famous for congregation of shivalingas in a compact area with archeological importance.

Taptapani ( 110 km)
Situated on the eastern slope of the eastern Ghats, the hot sulphur spring, the lush green forest has remained favourite among the visitors.

Jalespata (80 km)
Near Baliguda is famous for Siva linga.

Kotagarh (140 km)

It is famous for its National Park and wildlife sanctuary.

85 km from Phulbani. Otherwise known as Jagati, it has the temple of Lord Charisambhu Ananta Vishnu.

Belghar (130 km)
158 km from Phulbani, it is a place for viewing colourful wildlife, especially elephants. It is inhabited by Kutia kondhs.

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