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Fast Facts

Summer: 45.5-25C
Winter: 29-2 C

Best Season
Throughout the year

Light cotton in summer and heavy woolen in winter

Languages spoken
Kui, Oriya and Hindi

STD Code

Tourism Office
Government of Odisha Tourist office, Phulbani,
Tel. 06842 253748
Popularly known as the “Kashmir of Odisha”, Daringbadi beckons with an astounding variety of natural beauty. Situated at an altitude of 3000 ft in the Kandhamal district, this hill station holds great appeal for those with an appreciative eye for exquisite beauty.
Untainted by commercial tourist development, the place is beautified by the pristine valleys as well as pine and coffee gardens.
For wildlife lovers, the place is a compelling destination too. Thick rainforests teem with wild animals.
Daringbadi is the only place in Orissa that receives snow and where the temperature plummets to zero degree during winter. It is no wonder that the place is fast emerging as a summer retreat for tourists.
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