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Sights to See

Bakrota Hills and Around
A trip to the Bakrota Hillsis a must for all Dalhousie visitors who want to have a a panoramic view of the mountain ranges and surrounding countryside.

Also known as Panchpula, it is a premier tourist destination in Dalhousie. On the way to Panjpulla, there is small fresh water spring water known as Satdhara, believed to contain medicinal properties.

St. Andrew's Church

Built in the year 1903 at Baloon by Protestant Christians St. Andrew's Church is commonly known as the Church of Scotland. Located one and half km from Dalhousie's bus stand, the Church attracts visitors in good numbers.

St. Patrick's Church
Standing on Military Hospital road the church is approximately 2 km from main bus stand. This Church in Baloon is the largest church in the hill station. Built in 1909 the shrine can accommodate some 300 people.

St. Francis' Church
A prominent landmark on the Subhash Chowk this Catholic Church was built in the year 1894 and is managed and maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar. Located on the Prtrain hill, the church has beautiful glasswork and intricate stonework.

St. Jonh's Church
Located on the Gandhi Chowk it is the oldest church in Dalhousie

Jandhri Ghat (2 km)

Approximately 1.5 km from Subhash Baoli, Jandhri Ghat is a scenic spot place in the midst of tall pine trees.

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