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Vanganga Garden (10 Km)
A beautiful lake Garden Vanganga is located at the entrance of the U.T. of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and this beautiful garden at Dadra is created in Japanese style.   The major attraction are its water spread framed with tree line, boats, fountains, restaurants and jogging track.  Paddleboats are available in the lake and different species of fish have been introduced to popularise angling. Attracting thousands of visitors, the garden is very popular with filmmakers and many film songs have been picturised here.

Tadkeshwara Temple, Brindaban (18 Km)
The place is famous for an old Shiva temple situated on the banks of the river Sakartod.

Vanvihar Tourist Complex, Khanvel (20 Km)

This beautiful verdant land attracts visitors for its Tribal Cultural Museum, a Cacti garden and a Deer Park.

Water Sports Centre, Dudhani (40 km)
With the commissioning of Madhuban Dam on the downstream side of river Damanganga, a large water front has formed near Dudhani.  For adventure loving tourists, the department provide water scooters, acquabikes, bumper boats, speed boats, kayaks, canoes and passenger boats at the Water Sports Centre.

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