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Choudwar (24 km):
A growing industrial area was once the capital of Somakuli Keshari Kings of Odisha. Eight prominent Siva Pithas were established by Keshari dynasty. Tradition records that it was the capital of Virat, the brother-in-law of Kichaka. The five Pandava brothers with their consort Draupadi took shelter in Choudwar during their secret exile.

Chatia (30 km):
Popularly known as Chatiabata, the place is famous pilgrimage centre. Amaravati-Kataka, one of the five important forts of Chodaganga Deva, is located here.

Naraj (25 km):
A picturesque scenic spot was once a great seat for Buddhist culture and learning.

Bhattarika (108 km):
It is a beautiful picnic spot with the shrine of Goddess Bhattarika.

Chandikhol (43 km):

The place is a famous picnic spot. Nearby is Mahavinayak, a beautiful spot with a shrine of Shiva. It also draws the devotees of the elephant-god Ganapati. The picturesque Chhatia 30 km from Cuttack has several shrines and the remains of an ancient fort.

Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri (70 km)

Banki (92 km):

It has the shrine of Goddess Charchika on the bank of the Mahanadi. The eight-armed deity of Chamunda is worshipped here according to tantric rites.

Dhavaleswar (35 km):

A small island in Mahanadi, this scenic spot is famous as a Shaiva centre. The place named after its presiding deity lord Shree Dhabaleswar (lord Shiva) offers ample opportunities for water sports thanks to the enchanting water spread of Mahanadi River. A newly developed hanging bridge that connects Mancheswar to Shree Dhabaleswar Pitha attracts tourists in large number.

Niali Village (47 km):

Niali is known for its shrines and archaeological Sculpture Shed. Madhab, a nearby village, is an enchanting picnic spot on the bank of the river Prachi - also famous for the shrine of Radha-Madhab.

Ansupa (70 km):

This is a small but picturesque sweet water lake. ;With the Saranda Mountain in the west and Mahanadi in the south, the Ansupa Lake is a haven for migratory birds in winter. The lake offers facilities for boating and fishing.

Kendrapara (65 km):
Known as ‘Tulasi Khetra,” the place is famous for the temple of Lord Baladeva. A grand car festival is held here annually which draws a mammoth crowd.

Jhankada (59 km):
Famous for Goddess Sarala who has legendary association with Parsuram, the son of Yamadagni. Sarala Das, the epic poet of Odisha of 15th century, is associated with Jhankada.

Jajpur (92 km):

Known as Vaitarani Tirtha with Goddess Viraja (Durga), its presiding deity, the place has its unique importance in India as Navigaya Khetra where pinda is offered for the satisfaction of the ancestors. The shrine of Sweta Varaha along with hundreds of other shrines here made Jajpur a tirtha par excellence. The “Dasasvamedha Ghat” the flight of steps leading to the Vaitarani where 10 horse sacrifices were performed is a great sanctified spot for the Hindus.

Paradip (94 km)

Ashokjhar (90 km):
Set amidst the green forests of Mahagiri hills, Ashokjhar beckons the adventurers. The motorable road ends at Sukinda. You may trek the remaining 10 km or hire an auto-rickshaw.

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