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Papanasam Hydro Electric Works (46 km): The upper and lower dam and the power house are worth visiting. The waterfalls and the Papavinasar Shiva temple is of great interest. Accommodation: Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Rest House & Cottages. For reservation and permission to visit the project, contact the Executive Engineer, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Papanasam Hydroelectric Works.

Kalagumalai (60 km): This is the site of the superb 5th century sculptures and frescoes created by Jains.

Sri Kasi Viswanathaswamy Temple, Tenkasi (6 km): This Shiva temple, built by the Pandyas, contains some exquisite sculptures and numerous inscriptions.

Manimuthar project (49 km): This is one of the largest power projects in Tamil Nadu. Water falls, park and swimming pool are of interest here.

Sankaran Koil (40 km): An interesting temple where the presiding deities are both is hal Shiva and Vishnu

Oanpozhil (14 km): This temple situated on top of a hillock and is dedicated to Lord Subramanya.

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