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Sights to See

Pomological Gardens
This is one of the three experimental fruit gardens in the Nilgiris, maintained by the State Agricultural Department. Fruit like apples, plums, peaches, lemons, etc., are grown here for research purposes.

Sim's Park
Many species of trees and shrubs not found in Udhagamandalam are grown here. The park occupies about 12 hectares (30 acres) and is at an elevation of between 1,768 m. (5800 ft) and 1,880 m (5900 ft). The annual fruit and vegetable show is held here in May.

Law's Falls
The falls are located 7 km away near the junction of Kateri and Conoor rivers on the Coonoor-Mettupalayam Ghat road. Buses are available from Coonoor up to Wenlock Bridge from where it is about 1 km on foot.

Pasteur Institute
Famous for the research done on Rabies, this institute also manufactures polio vaccine. Prior permission required for visiting the institute.

Lamb's Rock

This sheer precipice of several hundred metres located 10 km away commands a good view of the Coimbatore plains.

Dolphin's Nose

This promontory overlooking the plains is located 12 km away. The Catherine Falls can be seen from here.

The Drooq
The peak, located 13 km away, has an altitude of about 1,917 m (6,294 ft). The ruins of an old fort, built and used as a look out post by Tipu Sultan, are situated here. A 3 km trek has to be undertaken to reach the point.

Rallia Dam
The Dam, the source of water supply to Coonoor town, is located 11 km away.

Tea and Coffee Plantations

For a visit to these plantations around Coonoor, contact: United Planters' Association of Southern India (UPASI), Glen View, and Coonoor

Other scenic spots around Coonoor are Lady Canning's Seat, Tiger Hill, Walker’s Hill, Brookland's Road and Katery Falls.

Good trout, carp and mixed water fishing is possible in various streams and lakes in the Nilgiris. Fishing licences, for a fee, are issued by the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Fish Dale, Udhagamandalam.

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