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Sights to See

Tillai Kaliamman Temple
The Tillai Kaliamman Temple is situated at the northern end of the town. It was built by Kopperunjingan who ruled between 1229 and 1278 AD. Legend says that subsequent to the defeat of Kali in a dance competition with Shiva, Kali was banished from the Nataraja temple to the outskirts of the town where a temple was erected for her later.

Annamalai University

This residential university was founded by the late Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar and has now developed into a fine township called Annamalainagar. The impressive buildings and the library have become a great centre of Tamil learning and Carnatic music.

Nataraja Temple
The temple, dedicated to the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva, is spread over an area of 400 acres.

This is where lord Nataraja was said to have performed his cosmic dance.The main sanctum houses the AkashaLinga, where the lord is worshipped as a formless presence. An unique feature of this temple is a shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Govindaraja adjacent to the Nataraja Shrine. Parvati is known as 'Shivakami Sundari' here. There are other shrines, Subramanya and Vinayaka in the complex which comprises of five prakaras. The sacred tank is called Siva-Ganga to the east of which is a Mantapa with 1,000 pillars. On the Eastern and the Western gopurams are carved 108 images of different poses illustrating the art of dancing.

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