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Cholamandal Artists Village (18 km)
Located on the East Coast Road, this artists’ commune was started in 1966 and is perhaps the first of its kind. The artists and sculptors who live and work in this seaside colony in idyllic surroundings, exhibit and sell their work that consists of contemporary art, sculpture, batik and terracotta and granite. These are often exhibited and also sold. Cholamandal also has an open-air theatre in which dance performances and poetry reading competitions are held. Entry free, No holidays. Time: 9 am to 7 pm. Tel: 044 24490092.

A wide canvas of South India's rich and varied heritage, a cultural crucible, a living, breathing, cross-cultural museum of architecture, life-styles, crafts, performing arts, even food and music. A first-of-its-kinds truly epic effort to capture for posterity, the authentic aura, the pulse of one of the world's oldest living cultures. It has relocated 18th, 19th and early 20th century houses and re-created village streets and work places providing authentic insights into the domestic architecture, spatial organisation, 

life-styles and character of the essential Tamilian or Keralite or Andhrite or Kannadiga. It showcases and demonstrates unique traditional folk performances from the many regions and villages of South India. Fee: Adults: Rs. 50 and Children: Rs. 25 Time: 10 am to 6 pm Tuesdays holiday. Tel: 04424918943, 24462435.

Mamallapuram (58 km)


Anna Zoological Park (Vandaloor Zoo) (58 km)
This is a reserved forest area converted into a zoo, where the animals are not confined to cages. It is situated 35 Km from Chennai. The Lion safari is the pride of this park. Battery operated 

vehicles are available for rides through the park. Tuesdays closed. Fee: Adults: Rs. 15, Children: Rs. 10. Tel: 044 22397150

Crocodile Bank (44 km)

This park provides ample opportunities to watch the crocodiles from a safe distance. Various pits in this centre house thousands of crocodiles and alligators of different species found around the world. There is also a tribal society that runs a snake venom extraction centre. There is demonstration of venom extraction at every hour. Time: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Fee: Adults: Rs. 10, Children: Rs. 5. Tel: 044 27472447

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