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Sights to See

Chandipur is a gift of Orissa’s long coastline of over 480 km along the Bay of Bengal. Chandipur has the unique distinction of being one of the few beaches in the world where the sea water recedes away from the shore line about 5 km twice a day, an unusual phenomenon, rarely found anywhere. You can see the sea literally vanishing before your eyes and also watch it coming back rhythmically at regular intervals, as if playing hide and seek. This marvel of nature gives bathers the unexpected pleasure of fearlessly walking into the sea and happily playing with the waves.

When the waters disappear, you can even take jeep ride on the wide beach. The beauty of the exposed beach is further enhanced by the small red crabs. If you’re a beach comber, you will be delighted with its abundant wealth of sea shells and drift wood.

Located 2km from Chandipur, this fishing harbouis an ideal cruising and picnic spot as well as the point where river Budhabalangameets the sea.

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