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Fast Fact

Max: 36. 5C
Min14 C

Best Season:
Throughout the year

Light cotton in summer and woolen in winter

Languages spoken:
Oriya, Bengali Hindi, English

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,Panthanivas Building, Police Line, Balasore-756001,
Tel: 06782 262048;

Indiatourism Bhubaneswar, ParyatanBhawan, 2ndfloor,Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar-751014,
Tel/Fax: 0674 2432203, 2435487,

Chandipur is one of the few beaches of the world where the sea recedes up to 5km daily at low tide. Chasing the waves in a jeep when the sea retreats is an unforgettable experience. This gives the visitor the unexpected pleasure of literally walking fearlessly into the sea.
Swaying casurina trees, sand dunes and the vast open beach make Chandipurone of the finest beaches in Odisha, acompelling destination. It is also famous for its Interim Test Range from where sophisticated missiles are tested.
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