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Fast Facts

Summer: 39 -8 C
Winter: 10 -1.1 C

April to Mid July and Mid Sept. to Dec

Clothing :
Summer- Light warm clothes Winter- Heavy woollens

Languages spoken:
Hindi, English, Himachali (Pahari).

STD Code:

Tourism Centres:
Tourist Information Centre, Himachal Tourism, Hotel Iravati, Chamba,
Tel: 222671, Fax: 222565

Himachal Pradesh Tourist Information Office, 36.Janpath,Chanderlok-Building,New Delhi.
Tel: 223324764, 223325320,
Fax: 23731072,
Website :

India Tourism, 88, Janpath, New Delhi.
Tel: 23320008 / 23320005,
Fax: 23320109 ;
There are many stunning, intriguing places around the world, but very few are as beautiful and awe-inspiring as Chamba. Located in the blossom of green mountains with perennial falls and streams, Chamba is one of those places that not only lives up to its image, but exceeds it.
A travel to this place evokes many images... fairy-tale snow-capped mountain vistas, rushing torrent of the Ravi River and beautiful temples. One of the most famous hill stations in India that has been holding a magical allure for travellers, Chamba, a former princely state, is the administrative headquarters of the district of the same name.
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