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Sights to See

Bundi Palace, eighty-four pillared cenotaph, Jait Sagar Lake, Nawal Sagar, Phool Sagar, Raniji-Ki-Baori,Shar Bagh, Shikar Burj , Sukh Mahal and Taragarh or the Star Fort .

Chambal Garden, Government Museum (Timings: 10 am to 5 pm; closed on Monday and government holidays; ), Haveli of Devtaji, Jag Mandir, Kansua Temple, Kota Barrage, Maharao Madho Singh Museum (Timings: Timings: 10 am to 5 pm; closed on government holidays only).

The entire district of Jhalawar, including the town, is a treasure house of pre-historic cave paintings, formidable forts, forests and exotic wildlife. Jhalarapatan, 6 km from Jhalawar has a 10th century Sun Temple. The Chandrabhaga Temple Complex (7 km) from Jhalawar has some beautiful temples dating back to the 7th century .
Shantinath Jain temple (6 km), Herbal Garden (6 km) are some other attractions in Jhalrapatan.

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