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Rameshwaram (20 km):
A cave temple of Lord Shiva surrounded by the Aravalli ranges.

Ramgarh (45 km):
The Ramgarh Sanctuary, the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Bundi state, is famous for the wild boar, jackal, hyena, leopard, nilgai and tiger.

Talwas (53 km):
A fort with a temple of Dhoondaleshwar Mahadev and a waterfall.

Dugari (65 km):

A fort containing vestiges of old wall paintings.

Menal (70 km):
A beautiful natural spot famous for its temples, waterfalls and forests.

Bhanddeora Temple (Ramgarh) (110 km):
Called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

Bijolia (50 km):
An old fort and city, with a large temple of Shiva.

Indragarh (77 km):
A fort with temples of the Mother Goddess and Kamleshwar close by.

Rock Paintings of Alaniya (25 km)

Baroli (48 km):
One of the oldest and most spectacular temple complexes in Rajasthan.

Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary (50 km):
The former royal hunting preserve, converted into a wildlife sanctuary where panther, spotted deer, , wild boar and bear can be seen.

Rana Pratap Sagar Dam & Bhainsrodgarh (50 & 55 km):
A dam and fort in Chittaurgarh district.Bhainsrodgarh is located on the right bank of the Chambal River.

The Remains of Garhgach (110 km):
9th & 13th century temples made of red stone.

Sitabari (120 km):
A beautiful picnic spot, with temples of Sita and Laxman.

Nahargarh Fort (145 km):
An example of Mughal architecture made of red stone.

Fort of Shahbad and Mosque (160 km):

This fort was constructed in 1577 AD and the mosque is the biggest mosque in Rajasthan.


Gagron Fort (14 km), Dalhanpur (54 km), Buddhist Caves Kolvi & Vinayka (90 km) are added attractions to make Jhalawar memorable and unforgettable.

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