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13 km. from Bodhgaya, Gaya is a very sacred pilgrim centre for Hindus. Hindus offer oblation for salvation of their dead parents and forefathers. The temple of Vishnupad on the bank of river Falgu attracts a very large number of pilgrims.

Barabar Cave
The Barabar and Nagarjuni Hills are situated about 41 km from Bodhgaya (25 km north of Gaya) and contain, in all, seven rock-cut caves of which four are in the Barabar hills. Barabar Caves is an important archaeological site. The caves carved out from solid rocks bear details of the life of Buddha.

These two caves, dedicated by Ashoka to Ajivika monks, are in the form of a plain rectangular outer hall.

Karan Chaupa cave
The entire interior of the cave, excluding the platform, bears a high polish. The entrance is in 'Egyptian form'.

Sudama cave
The cave entrance is in 'Egyptian form' and consists of two chambers. 

Lomas Rishi cave 

The entrance is in 'Egyptian form and only walls of the outer rooms are polished.


Visva Zopri cave
This cave consists of an outer apartment, bearing the high polish on its walls and flat roof. An inscription record is found on the right hand wall.

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