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Camel Safaris
Camel Safaris stretch from anywhere between two to seven days, with the longer ones going up to a month. Shorter, daylong camel safaris, which just about give you a glimpse of the desert, are also organised.. In most cases, one camel is provided per person, and a camel cart accompanies the entourage, laden with food, utensils and other supplies; it's also an option for anyone who gets sick of sitting on a lurching camel. Tents, food, mineral water, mattresses and an escort are invariably provided, and most operators will also make sure you get a full dose of local entertainment in the evenings. For longer camel safaris, which cover a few days, camps are usually set up at night in the vicinity of villages.

Bikaner offers the following safaris:
Bikaner- Naukh- Kanasar- Baru- Chayan- Sataya- Tadana- Mohangarh- Dungri-Jaisalmer:
This route starts at Bikaner, where you can see the magnificent old Junagarh fort and the lovely Lalgarh Palace, before you get on to your camel and set off. The camel safari works its way southwards, passing through the hamlets of Naukh, Kansar, Baru, Chayan, Sataya and Tadana to Mohangarh. Mohangarh, although a small town, is dominated by an imposing sandstone fortress, which deserves a visit. From the town, the trail continues to Dungri and then onto Jaisalmer, where it ends.

Bikaner- Charkhada- Teliyan ki Dhani- Kanasar- Baru Bhala- Bungri- Telansar- Chaku- Bharaiya- Jambo- Jaisalmer:
Another of the Bikaner-Jaisalmer camel safaris, but one that follows a different route. This one starts at Bikaner, and instead of heading directly south to Jaisalmer, makes a detour eastward into the neighbouring district of Jodhpur. Passing through the villages of Charkhada, Teliyan ki Dhani, Kanasar, Baru Bhala, Telansar, Chaku and Bharaiya along the way, the camel safari reaches the hamlet of Jambo, in Jodhpur district. From Jambo, it turns westward and goes to Jaisalmer, where it ends.

If you’re interested in camel safaris, contact the following for more information and bookings:

  • Camel Man, TeL: 9829217331, 0151 2231244
  • Vino Desert Safaries, TeL: 9414139245, 0151 2270445
  • Desert Tours, TeL: 0151 2521967
  • Gorbandh Safaries, TeL: 0151 2540640
  • Rajasthan Safaries, TeL: 0151 2525594
  • Thar Camel Safaries, TeL: 09351206093
  • Thar Desert Safaries, TeL: 0151 2260896
  • Umaid Desert Safaries, TeL: 9602263522, 0151 2232748
  • Victor Desert Safaries, TeL: 6450209

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