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Fast Facts

38.10 sq km

237 m

Summer: 41.8 - 28 C
Winter: 23.2 - 10 C

26-44 cm   

October to March   

STD Code

Tourism Centre:
Tourist Reception Centre, RTDC, Hotel Dhola Maru Campus, Bikaner,
Tel: 0151 2226701


Founded in 1488 by Rao Bikaji, Bikaner is situated on an elevated ground, surrounded by a 7 km long fortified wall with five entrance gates. 
A magnificent fort built between 1588 and 1593 dominates the city. The fort and palace are built in the red sandstone that characterises Bikaner.
The city is also known for its intricately carved Jharokas, stone screens found on the windows of the Junagarh fort, temples and havelis. Bikaner was and is the centre for Usta Art, a generic term for the Manoti-Naqqashi (embossed and unembossed floral and geometric patterned objects layered with gold) media produced by Usta family master artistans of Bikaner.
One of the best known exports of the city is Bikaneri Bhujia, a spicy snack made from moth dal, spices and edible oil. Asia's large camel farm is located here

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