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Basavakalyan (80 km)
Basavakalyan, formerly known as Kalyani, was the capital of Western Chalukyas from 1050 to 1195. It also served as the capital of the Kalachuris.  Its other claim to fame is its being the birthplace of Lingayat reformist Basavanna, founder of Shaivite sect of Virashaivas.  This sect was radical in its views.

Humnabad (52 km)
A famous sacred place of the Hindus, Humnabad is famous for the ancient temple of Lord Veerabhadreshwara which attracts thousands of visitors. The annual seven-day Veerabhadreshwara Jatra and cart pulling Mohotsav held in January-February is another attraction.

Dev DeV Vana (Botanical Garden) (6 km)
An Eco Tourism center on Bidar - Hyderbad Highway, the garden is home to more than 200 medicinal plants.

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