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Atri (42 km)
It is14 km away from Khurdha. It is best known for its hot sulphur spring and the Lord Hatakeswar Temple. The water temperature remains a constant 55C and is believed to have medicinal properties. The country side leading to the spring of particularly pretty and just a drive to reach there is well worth the effort.

Konark (65 km)
Konark is well known for the world famous 13th century Sun Temple, a masterpiece of Odishan temple architecture and a world Heritage monument. The magnificent temple designed as a gigantic chariot of the Sun God is a feast for the eyes, a repository of art forms and culmination of Kalinga School of Temple Architecture. The place is also known for the quiet and serene Chandrabhaga Beach. Konark completes the “Golden Tringle” formed with Bhubaneswar and Puri.

Pipili (20 km)
Famous for the magnificent appliqué work, the place lays 20 km away from the city on Puri road. It can be easily approached by road from Bhubaneswar.

Cuttack (25 km)
It is one of Odisha’s oldest cities and a best place for shopping. It offers filigree and silverware, horn and brass work and silk and cotton textiles. It also provides opportunity for some beautiful sight scenes.

Barunei (32 km)
It is 4 km from Khurdha. It is a scenic spot, which attracts thousands of visitors. Barunai, the presiding deity of the place adorns the hill top. The shadow mango groves with a perennial spring called Swarna Ganga provide a pleasant atmosphere tor the picnickers. Bus services are available upto Khurdha. One can hire taxies or Auto rickshaw to reach the place.

Puri(60 km)
It is one of the four main Hindu pilgrim centres in India and is famous for its Jagannath temple. The Puri beach is one of the beautiful beaches of the world, known as golden beach. It attracts thousand of people from all over the world. Puri is visited by millions of people every year during the Car festivals held annually.

Chilika Lake (Satapada/Barkul) (110 km)

Chilika, the largest brackish water lake in Asia, is an ornithologist’s paradise. Situated in the extreme south of Puri and extending up to the district of Ganjam, Chilika has remained an all time favourite with the visitors.  

The beauty of the lake with serene atmosphere, blue expanse of water, green hills and about 150 species of migratory birds, varieties of weed, insects, amphibians make it one of its kind. Both Satapada and Barkul is 110 km from Bhubaneswar. From Satapada side one can see rare Irrawady dolphins, sea mouth and from Barkul side one can see Kalijai temple/Island, Nalabana birds sanctuary, Breakfast Island, Honeymoon Island. Others Islands are Birds Island, Parikuda Island etc.

Kantilo(100 km)
It is 70 kms from Khurdha, on the bank of river Mahanadi, famous for Lord Nilamadhaba temple on the top of the twin hills surrounded by green forest. The presiding deity of the place is believed to be the earlier form of Lord Jagannath of Puri. Permanent secretion of holy water from the feet of Lord Nilamadhaba and the movement of the great Shakti of Lord Siddheswar to North and south according to sunrise and sunset are the two wonderful sights to be seen here.

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