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Fast Facts

Temperature :
Summer: 44-27C
Winter: 28-25 C

Season :
October to March

Clothing :
Summer-Light Cotton, Winter-Light woollen

Languages spoken :
Oriya, Bengali, Hindi,

STD Code :

Tourism Office :
Indiatourism Bhubaneswar, Paryatan Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar 751014,
Tel/fax: 2432203, 2435487,

2) Govt. of Odisha Tourist Office, Paryatan Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar 751014,
Tel: 2431299

3) Tourist Information Counter, Railway station: 6524493

4) Tourist Information Counter, Airport: 9238578358
The capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar is scenic, lively, green and clean, with a rich cultural life. Known for its temples the city is a major centre of attraction for tourist from far and wide.
It is probably the only city that enables an authentic over view of the stages of development of Hindu temple architecture. It is the place where temple building activities of Odishan style flowered from its very inception to its fullest culmination extending over a period of one thousand years.
Today Bhubaneswar is an embodiment of its dashing modernity and glorious past. A favourite excursion from Bhubaneswar is a drive to the pilgrimage town of Puri, also known for its beaches.
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