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Fast Fact

Max: 40 C
Min: 12C

Best Season:
October to mid May

Summer- Light cottons, Winter- Light woollens

Languages spoken:
Oriya, English

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office, Panthanivas Building, Policeline, BalasoreOT Road, Balasore-36782,
Tel: 06782 2362048,
Tel. 262048;

Government of Odisha Tourist Office, Arunodaya, Cuttack-Arunodaya, Market Building, Link Road, Cuttack-753001,
Tel: 0671 22612225;

India tourism Bhubaneswar,Paryatan Bhwan , 2nd floor, Lewis Road Bhubaneswar-751014,
Tel / Fax: 0674-2432203, 2435487,
E-mail :,
Website :

One of the most wonderful national parks in India, Bhitarkanikais located in the Brahmani-Baitarani delta with thick mangrove forests teeming with wildlife.
More than 60 of the 72 known species of mangrove plants are found here. Proclaimed a sanctuary in 1975 and a national park in 1998, it is famous for the visit of the most endangered species of Olive Ridley marine turtles in lakhs from December to March, across the Pacific and Indian Ocean, to lay eggs.
This region encompassing a couple of offshore islands, long sandy beaches, numerous rivulets and meandering creeks is a natural habitat for several reptiles including estuarine crocodiles, king cobra, lizards and pythons.
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