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Sights to See

Wildlife: Bird-watching

Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary
Originally, this area was known as the best duck shooting resort during the British reign. Today, it is one of the most breath-taking water bird sanctuaries in India. The sanctuary is home to more than 300 species of birds and, in addition, a large number of migratory birds flock here in July/August on the marshes and low lying trees. The park offers exceptional scope for study, for those interested in the nesting and breeding of Indian water-birds.

Important Information
Entry Fee for Visitors: Indian Student: Rs. 10 Indians: Rs. 50 Foreigners: Rs. 400

  • Walking and cycling are the best ways to explore the park. A walk of around 2 km from the main gate will take you to the core area where two roads branch off in different directions - both ideal for bird watching.
  • The park remains open from sunrise to sunset throughout the year.
  • A cycle can be hired for Rs. 25 and 40 per day and a cycle rickshaw (2 seats) is available for Rs. 70 per hour.
  • A guide fee of Rs. 100 for an hour for up to 5 persons is charged. Video Camera fee: Rs. 400.
  • Three hours is a standard time you would need to cover the entire sanctuary. The best time to start the day is around 8 am.
  • Field guides and park maps are available at the Tourist Reception Centre.
  • To observe the flora of the park from close quarters, take a boat trip in the lake where most animals and birds come to quench their thirst. Boat ride charges: Rs. 40 per person/hour with a minimum charge of Rs. 100 per visit/ boat.

Lohagarh Fort or the Iron Fort
This beautiful fort faced British attack four times. It is different from other forts in the state in that there is no flamboyance associated to the fort. However, it generates an aura of strength and magnificence. Some interesting monuments inside the fort include the Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas, Kothi Khas, Moti Mahal, and towers like Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj.

Bharatpur Palace:
This palace is a fusion of Mughal and Rajput art and was built in different phases by different kings who ruled this city. This Palace has now become a museum displaying collections dating back to the second century AD.

Government Museum:
This Museum, located within the Lohagarh Fort, houses a rich collection of sculptures, inscriptions and exhibits of the art and culture of the region. The Museum is divided into five main sections: Archaeology; Armoury; Arts, Crafts & Industry; Children Gallery and Miscellaneous. Timings: 10 am to 4.30 pm (closed on Fridays and gazetted holidays).

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