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Fatehpur Sikri (22 km)

Peharsar (22 km): Famous for its carpet looms. There is an old Haveli here, which was built in the 1850s to resemble the grand architecture of Fatehpur Sikri. Accommodation: Chandra Mahal Haveli (Heritage), Peharsar-Jaipur-Agra Road, Nadbai Tehsil, Dist. Bharatpur.

Deeg (34 km): The rulers of Bharatpur built their pleasure palace at Deeg and this 18th (1755 to 1763) century town gained fame as their summer resort. Deeg is renowned for its forts, palaces and beautiful Mughal gardens. The Fort built by Raja Suraj Mal is one of the finest architectural creations in the city The Deeg Fort stands on a higher level with massive walls and a moat. It has a couple of bastions, some locally cast guns and a haveli mostly in ruins. Entrance Fee for Deeg Palace: Indians: Rs. 5; Foreigners: Rs. 100

Bayana (36 km):
This has a curious mixture of Hindu and Mohammedan relics. The main attractions in the town are the Bijaigarh Fort and an old Usha Temple

Mathura (37 km)

Agra (55 km)

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