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Sights to See

At Belguam fort, mosques and temples coexist in perfect harmony. At the very entrance, you will find two shrines, one dedicated to the God Ganapathi, and the other to the Goddess Durga.

Safa Masjid
Three entrances decorated with floral and calligraphic design. Two of its pillars have Kannada inscription in Nagari scripts.

Military Mahadeva Temple
It is said to be the oldest temple here, and is well worth to visit.

Kamala Basti
Within the walls of the fort it has a fine huge protrude lotus in its ceiling and this beautiful structure constructed in the Chalykyan style houses the Lord Neminath Thirthankar image.

St. Mary's Church

Of the churches, the St. Mary's church awes one with its imposing gothic stone structure built in 1869 A.D.

Shree Ramakrishha Mission Ashram
Imparts extensive training to around 25 Sanyasis round the year.

Kapileshwara Temple
Shri Kapileshwar Mandir known as the "Dakshin Kashi" is another place of worship.

Shri Kalavati Aaee, Hari Mandir
This is established by Shri Kalavati Aaee, the disciple of Poojya Shri Sidharudh Swamy of Hubli, four decades ago for daily prayers, haribhajan and prawachan. Tthousands of devotees visit the place daily to obtain mental peace.

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