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Fast Fact

Area :
34.4 sq km

Temperature :
Summer: 36 – 15 C
Winter: 30 – 7 C

Season :
Throughout the year (best season November to January)

STD Code:

Tourism Centres:
Department of Tourism,
NH - 4, Ashoka Nagar,
Belgaum - 560 016.
Tel: 0831 2470879;

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC),
Information Centre No.3,
World Trade Centre,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Telefax: 022 22181658
Belgaum, located at an altitude of 761 m, is a charming town nestling in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Having been ruled by the Chalukyas, the Goa Kadambas, the Yadavas, the Vijayanagar rulers, the Bahmanis, the Adil Shahis and the Marathas, there are ample reminders of the tumultuous days gone by.

Added to these archaeological monuments, is the natural beauty of the place with gushing rivers, enchanting hills, shimmering waterfalls and evergreen forests.
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