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Sights to See

Badami Caves

Located half a kilometer from the Badami town are a group of four cave temples carved out of the hill opposite the Badami Fort. The Chalukyan king, Mangalesa was responsible for the completion of these artificial cave temples. The Chalukyas, sworn enemies of the Pallavas of Kanchi, modern Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu, rose to power in much of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the middle of the 6th century AD.

Museum & Art Gallery
Located on the Bhutanatha Temple Road, the museum is stocked with a stupendous collection of artistic treasures. The gallery is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Badami Fort
The historical Badami fort is located 5 kms from the railway station. The fort encloses large granaries, a treasury, water tower and some impressive temples.

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