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Bhimakand(50 kms):
It is a small village about 30 kms north of Talcher town .There on a huge sand rock one could find a massive image of Vishnu in sleeping posture. In spite of hugeness, the image contains a natural softness in execution. The period of its execution is believed to be 8th/9th Century A.D. This sleeping image of Bishnu at Bhimakund is second after Gomateswar (Karnatak) in size, but it has the honour of being the largest sleeping image in India.

Rengali(85 kms):
River Brahmani shelters a dam and reservoir with Hydroelectric Project at Rengali amidst picturesque environs. It is a nice place for picnic.

Deulajhari(90 kms):
Regular bus services are available from Angul, Dhenkanal, Talcher, Cuttack and Bhubaneswwar to Athamallick and the rest 3 kms is negotiable on foot or jeep. Situated amidst a bowl of green near Athamallik, Deolajhari is famous for the presence of a hot spring. The hot spring seems to flow from the bottom (pedestal) of a ‘Shiva Lingam’. The water is naturally channelised to 36 ponds on the outskirts of the Siva Temple. Believed to contain medicinal properties, a bath in the spring has religious importance too.

Banarpal(10 kms):
It is on the junction of NH 23 and NH42,Angul is a convenient base for highway tourists.

Satkosia Wildlife sanctuary(30 kms):
It is a biological refuge and is considered as an important biogeopraphic atepping atone in the link between forest species of central india and south india Satkosia also provide facility for boating ,trekking angling etc.

Samal(40 kms):
It is 20 kms from Talcher, Samal has a Hydroelectric Project and a nice place for group picnic.

Khuludi(120 kms):
The Malayagiri range of Pallahara subdivision in Angul district has a nice waterfall. It is an ideal site for group picnic. It is 20 kms from Pallahara.

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