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Fast Facts

Summer: 40 - -5 C
Winter: 24 - -15 C

Mid June to September

Clothing :
Heavy woollens with over coats & sports shoes.

Languages spoken:
Dogri, Kashmiri, Hindi

STD Code:

Tourism Centres:
JKTDC Tourist Reception Centre,
Veer Marg, Jammu, Tel: (0191)
Telefax: 2548172,
Fax: 2548172

JKTDC Tourist Reception Centre,
Tel: (0194) 2472449/2452691/92,
Fax: 2452361.
Located in one of the world’s most incredible landscapes of Lidder Valley in Kashmir, the cave shrine of Shri Amarnath is situated at an altitude of 3680 mts. Flanked by breathtaking snow-clad capped peaks, this Shiva shrine provides a wonderful opportunity to soak in the sacred energies of the Himalayas.
Each year in the month of Shravan (July-August) when the moon is full, thousands of yatris, as pilgrims are called, congregate here to worship a naturally formed ice Lingam, symbol of Lord Shiva.
The waxing and waning of the Lingam with the moon has remained a world marvel. According to popular belief it reaches the maximum height on the puranmashi (full moon) of Shravan which is the main day for Darshan.
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