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Katarmal (16 km):
The ruins of a sun temple here are said to be 800 years old. The temple is noted for its architecture, stone and metallic sculptures and pillars and doors.

Khali Estate (22 km):

A resort located near Ayarpani village, on top of a hill surrounded by pine and forests, facing the vast panorama of the majestic snow clad mountains of the Central Himalayas.

Binsar (30 km):
Summer capital of the Chand Rajas, it offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas. The forests of Himalayan Oak and Rhododendron are excellent for treks.

Sitlakhet (30 km):
A picturesque place full of orchards; of special interest is the Syahi Devi Temple.

Jageshwar (34 km):
The chief attraction here is a cluster of temples attributed to the Chand dynasty, set against a back drop of towering deodars. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva but there is a strong Buddhist influence in the carvings of these temples.

Jalna (35 km):
Situated in picturesque surroundings at an height of about 5,500 feet, it provides a wide panoramic view of the Himalayas and has a number of orchards.

Ranikhet (50 km)

Baijnath (72 km):
Situated on the river Gomti, this ancient temple in the Katyuri architectural style has a finely chiselled image of the Goddess Parvati , 4.5 feet high.

Bageshwar (77 km):
A pilgrim centre, it is situated at the confluence of the sacred rivers Saryu and Gomti. It derives its name from the local temple of Lord Shiva.

Gananath (47 km):
It is known for its Shiva temple and caves, in natural scenic setting.

Kausani (52 km)

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