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Jhusi (Pratisthanpuri) (9 km)
People looking for mental peace and spiritual healing visit this place. Jhusi is known for many Ashrams and Temples. This place is approachable by Taxis, Buses, Boats, etc.

Shringverpur is famous kingdom of Nishadraj (King of Boatmen). Excavations have revealed a temple of Shringi Rishi. On the banks of Ganga there’s a platform `Ramchaura’ – said to be the place where Lord Rama stayed overnight while going to the forest and his feet were washed by Nishadraj, before steering Rama across the Ganga in his Boat.

Bhita is an archaeological site 20 km from Allahabad, with remains dating back to 300 B.C.

Tons River Aqueduct (43km)
A popular picnic spot.

Kaushambi (62km)
It is a place traditionally associated with the Mahabharata; the city was also once a great Buddhist centre. Lord Buddha is believed to have visited Kaushambi twice to deliver discourses. The ruins of an ancient fort bear witness to the antiquity of the place. There are also remains of an monastery.

Upardaha Lake (44km)
One of the protected lakes in Uttar Pradesh

Karadham (69km)
On the banks of Ganga, this provincial capital of the Mughals has many ruins.Sheetla Mata Mandir and Kaleshwar Mahadevji temple are famous temples of Kara.

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