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Pushkar (13 km): This picturesque township and the sacred lake of Pushkar lie a mere 13 km from Ajmer. According to legend, a lotus fell from the hand of Lord Brahma and dropped into this valley. A lake sprang up on the spot and was dedicated to him. The temple (Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Mandir), dedicated Lord Brahma on the lake side, is an important pilgrim centre. The Pushkar Fair (a camel fair) is held every October and November when thousands of pilgrims congregate here for a holy dip in the lake

. Accommodation: Ananta Spa & Resort, Leela Sewdi, Near Pushkar, Tel: 8003093901, E-mail gm.pushkar@ananta; Hotel Pushkar Palace (Heritage), Tel: 2773001/401-402 Fax: 2772952; Jagat Palace Hotel Tel: 2772953-54; Hotel Peacock Holiday Resort, Tel: 2772093; Hotel Paramount Near Lake, Tel: 2772428; Hotel Lakeview,Tel: 2772106; Pushkar Resorts, Tel: 2772944, Fax: 2772971/72 E-mail:; Hotel Sarovar (RTDC) Tel: 2772040; Tourist Village (RTDC), Ganahera Road, Tel: 2773074; Royal Tourist Village, Motisar Road, Tel: 2772990. Reservation: The Manager (Accommodation), RTDC Central Reservations System, Hotel Swagatam Campus Jaipur. Tel: 0145 2202586, 2203531 Fax: 2201045 E-mail: Website: Tented accommodation is set up by RTDC and private companies during the Pushkar Fair.

Mangliyawas (26 km): A large number of people come here throughout the year to worship two trees popularly known as Kalpa-Vriksha

Kishangarh (27 km): The world renowned Kishangarh school of painting flourished here.

Roopangarh (52 km): The capital of the Kishangarh family in the 17th and 18th centuries. The wall of the fort here still have sample of the fine school of painting that developed in the area Accommodation: Roopangarh Fort Hotel Tel: 01497 220217/220444 Fax: 242001

Kharwa: A thikana of the kingdom of Jodhpur a overlooks a placid lake and has a Fort now converted into a hotel.

Beawar (54 km): Venue of the Badshahi procession festival held a day after Holi every year.

Bijaynagar (69 km): The Bijay Niwas Palace located here has now been converted into a hotel.

Junia (95 km): A 16th century Rathore citadel with an earlier fort is over 1,000 years old, Junia is located next to a lake.

Foy Sagar (10 km): A picturesque artificial lake

Baghera (107 km)
A small village known for its treasure trove of archaeological and antiquarian relics and the temple of “varaha avtar”.Accommodation: Fort Baghera Tel: 01467 281231.

Todgarh (120 km): This is a picturesque place situated 3,281 feet above sea level with a bungalow built by colonel James Todd. Todgarh also famous for Todgarh-Raoli Wild Life sanctuary.

Balunda (128 km): This village is strewn with remnants of its past – cenotaphs step-wells, temples and other relics The castle at Balunda has been converted into a hotel.

Merta city (70 km): Known as the home town of famous saint poetess Meera Bai, this town has been a silent spectator of various historical and cultural upheavals. The town was founded around 1488 AD by Rao Duda the fourth son of Rao Jodha, the ruler of Jodhpur. Akbar captured the place after stiff resistance in 1562 AD but restored it to the Jodhpur ruler, Raja Udai Singh, after 20 years.

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